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Mechanics e-texts
An overview of modules Structure of Mechanics e-texts
1-1-Modelling and Newton's Laws Introduction; Modelling process; Forces acting at a point.
2-1-Point and non point forces Point forces not involving friction; Point forces involving friction; Bodies subject to non point forces; Centre of Gravity
2-2-Motion under constant acceleration Motion with constnt acceleration in one dimension;Motion with constnt acceleration in two dimensions; Motion with constnt acceleration in three dimensions.
3-1-Momentum and Impulse Introduction to the Impulse - Momentum principle; Conservation of Momentum; Conservation of Momentum in two dimensions.
3-2-Work; Energy; Power. Principle of Work; Principle of Energy; Principle of Power.
4-1-Circular motion Motion in a horizontal circle; Motion in a vertical circle
4-2-Differential Equations Acceleration and velocity as a function of time; Acceleration dependant on displacement or velocity; Problems involving gravity and resistive forces; applications involving first and second order differential equations.
5-1-Simple Harmonic Motion Simple Harmonic, and damped Harmonic motions.
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